Reduce your IT investment cost by taking advantage of our expertise in implementing various virtualization solutions covering resources such as Servers (HyperV), Applications (AppV), Desktops, Storage and Network (VLAN). Virtualization reduces the need for multiple hard and software, power consumption, heat dissipation, physical storage space, man-power etc and improves server availability, scalability, backup and recovery.


Centralized computing platforms that power PC workstations availability, contacts management, teaching and learning are the next generation of computing. With a traditional computing model of one computer for each person, a large portion of computing power sits idle. VDI’s centralized client model for computing enables the availability of high performance computing with increased flexibility across multiple operating systems to more people, with reduced budget.
VDI technology has proven substantial advantages over current desktop computing including cost savings of up to 75% on energy, decreased staff hours to maintain computers, improved users performance, improved security and increased flexibility in supporting software with reduced expense and downtime of battling computer threats such as: viruses, malware and hackers from multiple desktops.