Wired and Wireless Networking

LAN/WAN/MAN Concept, Design and Implementation – Be it Local, Wide or Metropolitan Area Networks, Copper, Fibber or Wireless, our team of highly trained engineers use Industry leading equipment and software to conceptualize, design, implement, support and manage networks that are reliable, robust, scalable and secure. We integrate Data, Voice, Power and Video seamlessly.

Enterprise Security and Network management

Networks, including the internet, provide both tremendous advantages and security challenges. Insecure networks are exploited by hackers or crackers to illegally obtain corporate information that jeopardizes the fortunes of organizations. We design and implement network security solutions against all forms of threats including illegal entry and information theft, malicious software (virus, worm, spoofing, etc) denial of service (DOS), and data corruption. We partnered with major companies like CISCO, Norton, Kaspersky, Microsoft, etc to ensure that our clients proactively get the best of industry-level protection and network management.

IP & Internet Networks

The key to IP (Internet Protocol) networks is ubiquity and interoperability. IP is what has enabled The creation of the Internet with the ability of diverse networks to interconnect and exchange traffic around the world. These same protocols and principles are used by Beta for IP networks that inter-connect separate LANs into a powerful borderless network of their locations of a company.