Arctic Wolf Solutions Overview

Security Operations as a Concierge Service

The cybersecurity industry has an effectiveness problem. New technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge every year, yet all too frequently we still see news headlines of high-profile breaches. Many of these attacks occur not necessarily because a product in place failed to raise an alert, but because the alert(s) was missed or was not actioned on.

To forestall these cyber-attacks, Arctic Wolf is leading the industry to adopt a new approach that focus on security operations.

All around the world, organizations continue to scramble to develop a better security posture from the dizzying array of options that leaves their constrained IT and security resources wondering how to proceed.

Arctic Wolf, the market leader in Security Operations, using the cloud-native Arctic Wolf® Platform helps organizations end cyber risk by providing security operations as a concierge service. Arctic Wolf solutions delivered by the industry’s original Concierge Security® Team. Highly-trained Concierge Security experts work as an extension of internal teams to provide 24×7 monitoring, detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management to proactively protect organizations while continually strengthening their security posture



Detect, Recover and Respond from advanced threats

Discover, Benchmark, and Harden the Environment Against Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations

Prepare employees to stop social engineering attacks

Identify,Monitor, and Simplify the security of Cloud Infrastructure and Services