We implement world-leading Access Control and Time and Attendance solution from ACTAtek (www.actatek.com). ACTAtek is a Linux, web-based Biometrics and RFID smart card system for Enterprise-wide access control, time attendance and payroll systems-ID Management.
ACTAtek is SSL-encrypted with all software and hardware built into the system. It can be used in a standalone mode without the need of a dedicated architecture, but it can also be used in conjunction with existing infrastructure. It is easy and highly scalable, one can install one unit today and expand to thousands tomorrow using existing TCP/IP network. The system can support all legacy card-based systems and provides immediate integration with a company’s IT and security systems. ACTAtek™ product models are IP65 certified, making them perfect for outdoor installations too.
ACTAtek devices authentication modes include:

• PIN+ Fingerprint
• PIN+ Finger Print+ Smart Card
• PIN+ Finger Print+ Smart Card + Video Camera

Among ACTAtek numerous solution benefits are -:

  • This will significantly improve the collation and management of employee work
    data through the automation of attendance information.
  • Information integrity (accuracy and timeliness) will be significantly improved through one point of data entry.
  • It can be utilized by the human resource personnel to automatically output information for the current rate of pay and hours worked, for payroll purposes.
  • The introduction of this solution will assist with the scheduling process and streamline the entry of employee time and attendance data, thus resulting in administrative efficiencies that will enable staff focus of service.
  • Smart Time: Enterprise-wide client-server Labour Force Management giving analyses with cost reduction solutions as well as anti buddy punch and ghost workers.
  • Enterprise-wide deployment of Biometric and RFID Smartcard ID Management in global networks (with our SmartTime and Access Manager offerings).
  • Access Manager: A robust control network technology platform for deployment in a broad range of options (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GSM, PSTN)
  • ID-Video: Captures every door entry video and stored digitally. Digital search using ID, illegal entry, date/time
  • Prevents and detect tail-gating


  • Reliability and high availability (Fault tolerant)
  • Robust and scalable (thousands of users on global basis)
  • Compliant with International Standards and Quality
  • Embedded software, no software installation necessary.
  • State of the art embedded encrypted Linux web server technology.
  • Control, configure & administrate via web browser
  • SSL encrypted communication between units & browser
  • Real time system update & configuration
  • 500DPI optical biometric scanner
  • Operates in Standalone or Network modes
  • IP 65 rated, weather & impact resistant casing (fluid ingress, dust, salt, fog protection)
  • Built-in CMOS camera (optional)
  • 1,000, 3,000 , 5,000 ,10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 users capable options
  • The ACTAtek unit has an embedded web server that is easily accessed by any internet browser from anywhere in the world. By simply connecting an Ethernet cable and powering up the device an IP address can be entered using the keyboard—access is nowavailable
  • Up to 75,000 event logs
  • Various real time and historical reports available with various analysis yardsticks like departments, days etc.

The devices are connected with standard CAT6E Ethernet cables and integrated into the main LAN infrastructure and servers thus ensuring that they are available over the network and assessable from anywhere in the world.

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