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SAGE’s X3 is an IFRS compliant and web enabled global solution that supports operations across multiple sites, companies and countries. Their extensive industry and functional coverage, coupled with powerful workflow engine as well as easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence tools, gives your organization real-time control and visibility over its activities and improved decision making in all key areas.

SAGE’s ERP X3 combines classic ERP functionalities of speed, visibility and enablement throughout an organization with the unique attributes of simplicity, flexibility and scalability resulting in an integrated end-end solution.

Considering that over 3,000 companies, more than 170,000 users in 53 countries and still growing – rely on SAGE ERP X3 for their daily operations worldwide, wouldn’t you rather choose SAGE ERP solutions to get a 360o view of your business?

Sage ERP X3 is built on the Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise (SAFE X3) technology platform, which provides:

Three-tier, scalable system architecture
Multi-audit functionality (multi-company management, multisite, multicurrency, multi-BPs address, and more) and compliance to multiple legislations and accounting practices
Multi-OS support (Windows, AIX, Linux Red Hat)
Multi-DB support (Oracle, MS SQL)
Audit tools(audit logs& trail, security management, etc.)
Business Intelligence and statistics engine
Import-export engine (ASCII, XML) and MS Office Automation
Workflow engine
4GL Integrated development environment
SAFE Web Application Server and Web Services
LDAP directory connection & REST protocol integration
We believe your ERP solution should support your business strategy—not hinder it or force you to buy too much too soon. That’s why Sage ERP X3, a market leader in solutions, has application extensions, an international scope and easy to use functionalities that help you to align your operations with your company strategy. Sage ERP X3 is designed for local, independent companies or group subsidiaries with limited IT resources, but which still need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is simple to implement, rapid to deploy with a broad functional scope.

Sage ERP X3 system can help you deliver your financial reports at the right time, manage and reduce risk, and make financial data more reliable and easier to audit. It covers all areas of financial management, from general and budgetary accounting right through to managing commitment and fixed assets. The Sage X3 is customizable and can be adapted to your business.

With regards to reporting, User defined dashboards and real-time analytics/with drill down to source transactions, drill anywhere across, down up etc. are available out of the box.Sage X3 allows data to be published to user dashboards. X3 Dashboards can display data relevant to the user’s role and be a mixture of graphical charts, reports, actionable lists and Key Performance Indicators. The data can be in a graphical or grid/table format. The dashboard functionality allows users to drill down multiple analysis levels back to the source transaction. Data can be exported to Excel by a touch of a button and displayed therein using a table or dynamic chart format.

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