Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an enabling tool used to revolutionize and affect how we see the world and how we live. Worldwide, ICT is having a growing impact on education both in its delivery and in the mode of learning. Classrooms are moving away from the traditional model of a teacher using a blackboard to teach to having the syllabus as content available on the internet 24hrs a day for students desiring to learn and access. However, this revolution is not widespread and needs to be strengthened to reach a larger percentage of the world population.

In a society like ours, many factors hinder quality education and therefore, an interdisciplinary and integrated approach is very necessary to ensure that graduates turned out can be products for successful development of our country’s economy and society. With ICT enabled learning, the students can immediately start to benefit from high quality education required to truly emancipate and foster growth in the entire country and empower our people for functional productivity.

Our delivery of an E – Learning solution in educational institutions involve a combination of ICT solutions deployed separately or together as a holistic solution. These ICT solutions include.


VDI provide schools with affordable, flexible and simple Desktop Computing Solution for teaching and learning.

Learning in classrooms around the world have moved beyond books into a limitless wealth of online access to content and tools that empower students and teachers to connect to resources and communicate with subject matter experts, no matter where they are located. Underlying this connected learning is a reliable computing infrastructure that meets the most demanding multi-media performance needs of any learner, but is a sustainable solution to implement, scale and maintain.
Centralized computing platforms that power teaching and learning are the next generation of computing. With a traditional computing model of one computer for each student, a large portion of computing power sits idle. Our VDI’s centralized client model for computing enables educators to provide high performance computing with increased flexibility across multiple operating systems to more classrooms, teachers and students, with the same or reduced budget. A mix of pre-configured desktop environments can be customized based on educator and student needs in any learning environment, and can only be altered through administrator access.
VDI technology has proven substantial advantages over current desktop computing including cost savings of up to 75% on energy, decreased staff hours to maintain student computers, improved performance for students, improved security, and increased flexibility in supporting software with reduced expense and downtime of battling computer threats such as: viruses, malware and hackers from multiple desktops.


We partner with world leading IT solutions provider, INTEL, to provide a one-on-one e- learning solution that transforms the classroom of the 21st century to a colourful 3-dimentional learning environment. Intel’s broad education ecosystem comes with deep expertise that uniquely position her to serve as a powerful ally in advancing student learning success and developing innovative student-teacher collaboration techniques using computer systems in the classroom.



Our digital and 3D Animated Content, with simulations, cover primary and secondary curriculum aligned topics under core science subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics from leading world animations providers.

We have also partnered with BRAINFRIEND, Nigeria’s pioneer local curricular-based exam prep for pupils and students preparing for Common Entrance, Junior WAEC and Senior Secondary School Certificate exams and the like. The software has over forty two (42) subjects in it including driving and introduction to ICT. It covers the universal basic education (UBE 4 -9) classes as well as the senior secondary school classes (SSS1 – 3). It has over forty thousand questions, answers, explanations and useful self-study notes


Well trained teachers equipped with Information Technology tools to aid teaching and knowledge incubation and impaction is a MUST in any serious educational institution worth its salt in the present day knowledge based world.

The effective use of ICT can more fully engage students, enable dynamic curricula, and provide the freedom to soar beyond textbooks and classroom walls. It can ignite student learning, improve educational outcomes, and equip citizens to compete successfully in the knowledge economy.

In line with the continued drive to look inwards and encourage local manufacture/ enterprise, we recommend SPEEDSTER mobile devices for educational institutions.

SPEEDSTAR® Computers, a registered Trademark of BETA COMPUTERS LIMITED, have been assembled in Nigeria since 1996. They are currently assembled in the first Nigerian state-of-the-art semi-automatic conveyor is driven factory and certified by the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), as an authorized Nigeria brand for use in all her Ministries and Agencies.

SPEEDSTER Computers are put through Stringent Quality tests that ensure the user gets the very best in Performance, Stability, Reliability, and Compatibility. Thus, what you get are High-Quality systems that can be customized to meet your exact specifications.