Dry Cleaners


Shirt Rack V3...
Is Dry Cleaning your business? If so then take advantage of this wonderful dry cleaning software and see all your concerns taken care of
”    Easy and Simple to use
”    Supports all printers and Barcode readers
”    Fully Touch Screen compatible
”    Thermal Tickets
”    Quick & Fast Tickets
”    Customer Preferences
”    Deliveries and Routes
”    Hotels and Agencies
”    Many built in reports
”    Full Security, Access Control by ID and Password
”    Counter Person Login and Monitoring
”    Sales and Marketing Analysis
”    Automatic Installation Program
”    Accounts Receivable and Monthly automated Statements 
”    Barcodes on Tickets, Racks and Garment Thermal Tags
”    Multi-level Pricing and personalized Contracts for Hotels,
     Agencies, and VIP Customers
”    Automatic Archiving of old Tickets and Storage
”    Fully networkable for multistations in one location or over
     the web to multiple locations and sites.
”    Automatic Credit Card Processing
”    Automatic Upcharges
”    Automatically Prints Computerized Garment Tags
”    General Ledger Accounts Assignment
”    Inventory Control
”    Multi-store Management
”    Wholesale Accounts
”    Hotel Delivery System
”    Production Management
”    Access your system from Home
”    Run multi-locations from a single office
”    Automatic Emailing of Tickets, Receipts and Statements
”    Loyalty Incentive system
”    Integrated online help
”    Customizable reports and Report Writer

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